Panacea Of Venice Florida

Betrayed by the Developer: The Devastating Consequences of Broken Promises

As the homeowners at Panacea Of Venice, we put our trust in the property developers to deliver on their promises, including the completion of community amenities (pool and clubhouse) that enhance our quality of life and add value to our homes.
However, when those promises were broken and the developers continuously lied about the completion date, it caused significant pain and suffering for all of the existing homeowners.
One such pain point is the inability to sell our homes for market value without the promised amenities. As buyers become aware of the missing features, they will be less willing to pay top dollar for a property that falls short of its advertised amenities. This has resulted in significant financial losses for the homeowners who were promised a certain standard of living at Panacea Of Venice, see proof at
But it’s not just financial loss that we are facing. The community is in such bad condition that it causes emotional distress every time we come home., walk our dogs, and pick up our mail. We were promised a well-maintained and fully-functional community with amenities like a pool and clubhouse. Instead, we’re met with an unkempt and neglected property that fails to meet any of our expectations, see for proof. This can lead to feelings of frustration, disappointment, and even anger toward the property developer.
To make matters worse, the property is in such bad condition that we are embarrassed to invite our family and friends over. We were sold on the idea of a vibrant and social community with plenty of opportunities to connect with our neighbors. Instead, we’re left with a dilapidated property that fails to impress. See proof of this claim at This can make us feel isolated and disconnected from the community we were promised.
Perhaps the most infuriating pain point is the continued lies about the completion date of the amenities. We were given multiple deadlines and told that the amenities were “just around the corner.” But time and time again, those deadlines came and went, and to date, the amenities are not completed, see for evidence of these issues. This not only undermines our trust in the property developer but also adds insult to injury.
In conclusion, broken promises and lies about community amenities can cause significant pain points for all homeowners at Panacea Of Venice. From financial losses to emotional distress and embarrassment, the consequences of these lies can be far-reaching.
It’s important for property developers to deliver on their promises and be transparent about any delays or issues that may arise.
Homeowners deserve nothing less than the quality of life they were promised. Here’s what we were promised at Panacea Of Venice: